South Carolina

Volunteer firefighter Brandon Poole was driving down the thruway in South Carolina when he saw a box of puppies on the side of the road. But they weren't puppies. As he approached he heard the squealing that sounded just like baby pigs. They weren’t pigs either.
Man Punches Own Lawyer in the Face
I thought this was a joke at first. This man in South Carolina apparently didn't like his jail sentence of 15 years and decided to take it out on his lawyer right before he was espcorted out of court. Lamarcas Williamson thought it'd be an OK idea to wind up and slug his own lawyer. He didn't have t…
American Civil War Begins 1861 – Dale’s Daily Data
Today marks the 150th anniversary of the start of the bloodiest four years in American history.  When the American Civil War ended with the Confederate surrender at Appomattox courthouse in 1865, a combined 620,000 Americans had been killed.  It’s hard to believe but that number is nearly as many Am…
South Carolina Woman Leaves Newborn Baby In Toilet
I'll never understand how people can have such disregard for another's life.  In South Carolina, a young woman is facing charges after she allegedly gave birth to a little boy in a bathroom at a sports/concert arena and left him to suffocate in a toilet.