Millions of people across the country have gotten glasses to watch the eclipse.  But what do you do with them when it's over?

It's been one of the top things that people have been instructed to do over the last couple of months.  Get your eclipse glasses!  In most cases, they were available for free.  They're important to have if you're going to be watching the eclipse as you should never look directly at the sun.  But what do you do with them once the sun and moon have already crossed paths?

Don't throw them in the trash!  There are other things you can do.

You can keep your eclipse glasses as your own little souvenir

These events don't happen every day.  The last total eclipse that happened coast to coast over the United States was in 2017 (it spanned between Oregon and South Carolina), but here in New York, we weren't in the path of totality.  The last time that happened for us was in 1925.  They're expecting the next total solar eclipse won't happen over the United States until 2045.  It's pretty rare.  Having a souvenir isn't a bad idea if you collect those kinds of things.

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You can recycle them with your cardboard

Of course, the option to simply recycle them with your cardboard is there.  They just ask if you're going to do that, that you remove the lenses first.  Those aren't recyclable.  But if the frame part of the glasses is made of cardboard, that can be.

Send them to other countries

There are drives to gather eclipse viewing glasses to send them to other countries where eclipses will be happening and the people cannot afford them.

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If you're going to an eclipse viewing party, make sure to keep an eye out for bins that will be collecting them to send off (like this).  If you're just watching from your house, click here for more info on programs from organizations like Astronomers Without Borders (AWB) where they send the glasses to people who may not otherwise have a safe way to view future eclipses in their countries.

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