First dates can be tricky.  Finding things to do that are exciting and entertaining can be tough.  Lucky for us, one of the most unique opportunities is here in New York.

Planning a first date is tough!

Have you tried to plan a first date?  It can be panic inducing.  You want to find something that's entertaining for both of you, but not too serious.  You want an opportunity to actually talk to the other person so you can get to know them.  Are you looking for an adventure?  Or would you be fine with just an experience?  Should it be overtly romantic or just something fun that you get to do together.  There are so many questions.

So what do you do?

The 150 most unique "first date" ideas in the country did a survey to find a list of the 150 "most unique first date opportunities“ in the country.  They came up with some really interesting ideas from carriage rides in Charleston, South Carolina to a dolphin watch in Hilton Head and a honky tonk stroll in Nashville.  They're all very cool ideas.

Today’s singles are in search of something more, something that resonates with the individuality of their personal narratives and aspirations for romance. They’re not just picking a place to meet; they’re curating an experience right from the very first encounter,” - Amber Brooks, Senior Editor with

You don't have to travel out of state for a unique first date idea

While many of these ideas are from places as far as Hawaii and Alaska, you don't have to travel quite that far for a unique first date plan.  There are plenty from right here in New York State and one that even made the top 20!

Unique first date ideas in New York

The list came up with some incredible ideas from wine tasting in the finger lakes to a date night at The Met.  But the one that came in the earliest on the list was a unique pizza tour.  It's a tour that gives you the chance to "Explore hidden pizzerias in different neighborhoods, sample diverse styles, and satisfy your cravings with authentic New York pies."

Unless you live there, I'm not sure that a trip to New York City is a great first date idea, but it would be an incredible idea for a bigger trip.  Maybe that one should be saved for a couple who is getting ready to celebrate an anniversary.  But at least it's a unique idea.

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