The passing of Rick Jeanneret has been a tough pill to swallow for Sabres fans everywhere.  At least one pizzeria honored him the best way they knew how.

Who was Rick Jeanneret?

If you're not from Buffalo, or not a Buffalo Sabres fan, you might be wondering who he is.  Rick Jeanneret is not only one of the most recognizable voices in Buffalo, but he's also one of the most highly regarded broadcasters in NHL history.

He passed away late last week after dealing with multi-organ failure with his family by his side.  Buffalo and Sabres fans around the world were shattered.  While he was no longer behind the mic calling the games for the Sabres, everyone was hoping that he still might be able to see them just one before he died.

People began to put tributes up for their favorite play-by-play man

Almost immediately after the news was out that he had passed, people began to honor him with posts on their social media with some of their favorite calls.  The next day, the Sabres put up a tribute to them in the plaza outside of KeyBank Center.  People started to bring flowers and some even put them up on top of the letters that stood in the middle of the plaza to indicate that they were "top shelf, where mama hides the cookies" (a common expression that Jeanneret used to describe goals that passed through at the top of the net).

A local pizzeria honored him with a blue and gold pizza

Everyone honored him the best way they knew how, including local pizzerias.  One in particular even created a "Blue & Gold Pizza" for Jeanneret.

The blue was created using a little food coloring.  The gold was made by scattering banana peppers along the top.

Unfortunately, it wasn't something that they added to their menu for the public to buy but it was done for the sentiment.  Would you have bought it?

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