Here is the arrest video of Morgan Wallen from Sunday night.

Morgan Wallen was arrested just before 11 PM on Sunday night in Nashville at Eric Church's Bar called 'Chiefs'. Someone took video of Wallen walking out of the bar in handcuffs. Here is the video of Morgan Wallen's arrest below:

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Bond was set over $15,000.

Staff members of Chief's told those officers that Wallen was responsible for throwing the chair from the sixth story of the business, according to the arrest report.

Officers were able to view video which showed Wallen "lunging and throwing an object over the roof," his arrest report said. Witnesses told officers Wallen laughed afterward", according to

"Wallen was arrested for three counts of reckless endangerment for the two officers who were in the vicinity and for the danger to the public, the arrest report stated. Wallen was also charged with disorderly conduct."

His court date in Nashville is set for May 3. Ironically, he will already be in Nashville because he is playing 2 concerts in Nashville on May 2 and May 3, so there is a possibility that Morgan Wallen has to go to court before he plays a concert at Nissan Stadium.

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