Many people across the world remember what happened in April 2023. A significant amount of gold was stolen from the Toronto International Airport, marking the largest gold heist in Canada’s history. 

As reported by CBS News, 6,600 gold bars weighing over 800 pounds which is estimated to value approximately $20 million. There were also about $2.5 million stolen in foreign currencies. 

A year later, 19 charges have been laid out for 9 suspects in regards to the Toronto Gold Heist.  

Police said the heist was executed by a “well-organized group of criminals,” according to the BBC. While the investigation is ongoing, the theft was caught on surveillance camera hours after the gold arrived at the Toronto Airport on a flight from Zurich, Switzerland that April day. The gold was moved to a secure location at a cargo facility shortly after its arrival. 


However, one of the suspects gained entry to that very cargo facility, loaded the items on a delivery truck, and drove away. 

Eventually, that driver was caught in a traffic stop at Pennsylvania with about 65 firearms in his vehicle at the time. It’s scary, because the police believe that the gold was used to finance those firearms, which can be very dangerous. 

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) recorded a press release which talked about the importance of that traffic stop, and they named the 9 suspects in the Toronto Gold Heist. 

 Two of the 9 suspects were actually discovered to be Air Canada employees, making it an inside job. 

The New York Post named the 9 suspects, and you can see those below.  

  • Simran Preet Panesar, 31*
  • Parmpal Sidhu, 54*
  • Durante King-Mclean, 25
  • Prasath Paramalingam, 34
  • Archit Grover, 36
  • Arsalan Chaudhary, 42
  • Amit Jalota, 40
  • Ammad Chaudhary, 43
  • Ali Raza, 37 

 *  - Air Canada employees

As stated by the authorities, the investigation is still ongoing and far from over. 

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