If you live around this area, you will definitely want to lock your doors. 

Having something like a ring camera or bright lights in front of your house could deter somebody from attempting to break-in; however, there are ways around those precautionary systems to deter a break-in so it’s best to be extra prepared. 

Lock the door, even if you are home. That is one of the easiest ways to stop a burglary from happening, because many break-ins are the result of opportunity. 

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If the door is locked, that limits the opportunity to easily access your home. 

One woman in the Town of Tonawanda has shared a PSA to her Facebook, reminding her neighbors to lock their doors after a scary, life-altering incident occurred overnight in her home. 

“Someone broke into our home,” she wrote. “I currently have detectives here dusting for fingerprints.” 

“I’m thankful my family is safe; however, thousands of dollars were stolen including my wedding rings,” the woman wrote in a Facebook post. “This is horrible.”

Once the public post was shared on Facebook, it was a little jolting to hear how something like that happened in Western New York. The woman revealed that her house is located near Dalton Dr. in the Town of Tonawanda in the Lincoln Park Area. 

Another woman, named Jade, commented on the post, sharing a similar situation that occurred to a friend. 

Jade wrote: 

“My friend had someone come up to her door at midnight a couple weeks ago. There were no cars in the driveway, but once they saw the ring camera, they turned around.”

You never think that it will happen to you…until it does. Spread the word and share this post to your neighbors in the Town of Tonawanda. 

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