Here is video of the chair flying through the air and crashing to the ground by Morgan Wallen on Sunday.

Some security guards say that Wallen was just drunk when asked as to why they think that he threw the chair off of the 6-story Eric Church bar. Wallen was arrested and is facing 4 different charges in Nashville.

Here is a video of the actual chair that a police officer seems to be moving back inside. If you look close, you can notice that one of the legs seem bent on the chair from hitting the ground.

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Why did Morgan Wallen get arrested?

We don't know why he did it. But, Wallen apparently threw a chair off of Eric Church's bar. The bar is 6 floors high. Luckily, nobody was hurt when he threw the chair and it landed just a few feet away from people that were standing on the ground.

Apparently, he was throwing things off of the roof, the security told police that it was Wallen on top of the roof and officers watched video footage of the situation.

What is Morgan Wallen charged with after throwing the chair off of the rooftop?

Wallen is charged with 3 counts of RECKLESS ENDANGERMENT and 1 count of DISORDERLY CONDUCT. He is set to be in court on May 3, ironically (or maybe not so much ironic) when is already set to be in Nashville. Morgan Wallen will be playing 2 nights at Nissan Stadium on May 2 + 3, 2024.

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