A New York State law could change to stop allowing car thieves to be back on the street after posting bail.

Car thefts are a huge crime in New York State right now. There have been thousands of car thefts, and a surprising amount that end in crashes or people getting injured.

Right now, New York State's bail reform laws allow people who are arrested for committing car thefts to be back on the street that day. That could all change very soon.

The law: Car Theft Prevention Act

This bill was introduced by Senator Jeremy Cooney on Thursday. According to him, Monroe County (around Rochester) has seen a 345% increase in car thefts seven months into the year 2023. He adds the city was hit the hardest with an 829% increase in car thefts. Monroe and Erie counties account for two-thirds of all car break-ins in New York", according RochesterFirst.com.

If you are charged with a crime like stealing a car, you would then be eligible to have a bail set in place.

“We seek to give local law enforcement and judges another tool to send a strong message that there will be consequences for these car thefts, and they must stop.”

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