New Dog Law in WNY Passes Last Night
This law passed last year around this time and because it's so hot outside again today (temps may just reach up to 90 degrees), it may be a good reminder.
15 days in jail and up to a $1,000 fine.
That's the penalty if you leave your dog outside in the extreme cold or heat in Niagara County, …
Handshakes To Be Banned At Businesses
Business cards. Phone books. Plastic grocery bags.
...just some of the things that kids born after 2020 will probably never see.
Are handshakes next?
Handshakes may be banned in the workplace in order for companies to avoid expensive sexual harassment claims...
Proposal Would Change Law For Adopting Cats
There's a new proposal to change a law when you a adopt cats in Erie County.
A proposed law in Erie County is designed to get stray cats into homes faster. This law will catch Erie County up with the rest of New York State and allow shelters to place cats with new owners who do not have any iden…

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