Google knows a lot of things.  But do they know something we don't about a new store coming to Hamburg, New York?

Some Hamburg residents began asking questions yesterday when they noticed something that looked a little odd while checking out Google Maps.  Is there a new Trader Joe's store coming to the village of Hamburg?

What is Trader Joe's?

Trader Joe's describes themselves as a national chain of neighborhood grocery stores.  They pride themselves on bringing the best quality products at the best everyday prices.  The employees can be seen wearing their Hawaiian shirts in the store and the stores are covered in chalk board signs.

As of right now, there is only one Trader Joe's location in the Buffalo area.  It's on Niagara Falls Boulevard in Amherst.  There was a rumor that they were scouting some areas in the south towns including Orchard Park's Quaker Crossing but don't have any other locations listed on their website.

Will there be a Trader Joe's location coming to Hamburg, NY?

Yesterday someone noticed something on Google Maps that piqued their curiosity.  While looking at the map of Buffalo Street in the village of Hamburg you can see that it says "Future Home of Trader Joe's" in the location right between Century 21 and Shear Satisfaction.

(Google Maps)
(Google Maps)

It would be across the street from John & Mary's in the old Braymiller's Lanes building that was destroyed in the blizzard of 2022.

People are concerned about Trader Joe's coming to the village of Hamburg

The comments on the post seemed to show two different sides of people.  There was the side that seemed excited to see even more new businesses coming to Hamburg.  But then there were the people who seemed more concerned with a chain type of business.  A lot of people like that the village is full of really cool restaurants and boutique-style gift shops and they'd like it to stay that way.  They seemed to feel like it would be fine to have Trader Joe's in the town, but were uncomfortable with it being in the village.

Another concern was the parking.  Although there is a municipal parking lot almost directly across the street, a store like Trader Joe's would probably need even more space to park than that.

The question is, who put that on the map and is there any truth to it?

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