Yesterday a business that has been in Hamburg for around 100 years had its roof collapse.  Unfortunately the update isn't a good one.

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This past weekend has been a major reminder of a storm that happened in Western New York almost 8 years ago to the date.  In 2014, it was called "Snowvember" and it brought around 7 feet of snow over a course of three days.

The snow storm that hit Western New York this weekend brought 6 feet of snow to some areas in just 24 hours.  It came in fast, dropped a bunch of snow, and left almost as quickly as it came.  However, it didn't leave without a trace.  The snow still remains, and plenty of people are left picking up the pieces.

Unfortunately two men died as a result of the storm.  It appears as though they were both cardiac events due to shoveling and snow blowing to clear out the snow.

In addition to the deaths, there was also a casualty to a building that has been around for years and housed a business that has been operating for nearly a century.  Yesterday we told you about how the roof of the building that held Braymiller's Lanes and Master's Barbeque had collapsed overnight from Friday into Saturday.  Now, they're saying that the building is a total loss.  It will start being demolished today.


“They said a partial roof collapse and it just slowly got worse and worse. And sadly the building was condemned today and they’re tearing it down asap,” - Howard Braymiller, owner of Braymiller's Lanes.


There is no word as to whether or not there will be a new building being erected in it's place.  Governor Hochul has pledged to help.


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