UPDATE: The house has been sold after a lot of paint was used to cover up all of these horrible things. The tenants 'kicked and screamed' on the way out and it wasn't pretty. In the end it was over $16,000 of owed rent.

Remember this one from last year? One year ago this week, this house sold in Lancaster, New York. Look at all the messages that they wrote all over the house. One man's tenants have not paid nearly the entire time and then when evicted, ruined the entire house.

Kevin is a landlord that has multi-family homes in Western New York, and since the pandemic, he has started selling them off. Mainly, because the tenants are given a lot of rights when it comes to not paying their rent, but still getting government money.

He has been selling off his properties, including this one. The woman did not pay for 18 months and racked up the tab owed of over $16,000. After not paying, the tenants were finally (and luckily evicted).  He took to YouTube to post a video of the messages and the damage left behind. 

This Tennant has not paid in over 18 months. Finally out. Left me this wonderful list of gratitude all over the place. The woman actually didn't do this. Her son and his girlfriend who are obviously a waste of oxygen, decided to give me their take on this. I met the son once I've never met her. The sun got caught robbing houses on the street and was held up in the shed by the police till he finally came out. Drugs will do that? Stay off drugs kids! It's no fun anymore", he wrote on YouTube.

He did not do it this time, but Kevin is the guy who spray painted names and the amount owed on the roof of his homes if his tenants did not pay. 

What can you do with HORRIBLE tenants if you are a landlord in New York during the pandemic? One person wrote on Facebook:


That wasn't even bad. They had 14 days and left it pretty clean. Other than the writing on the walls(unacceptable). Seems pretty decent. Stop crying. It's over with.

Take a look at the pictures and video below of all of the statements, which aren't true just to clarify. NOTE: THESE ARE NOT SAFE FOR WORK.

Lancaster Landlord Finds Messages Written All Over Apartment

Gallery Credit: Rob Banks

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