People are starting to make plans to pick fruit here in Western New York.  If it's cherries you're looking for, here's where you need to go.

Cherries are easily one of the best fruits on earth.  You can eat them the way they are, or use them for other desserts like pies or cobbler, make cherry jelly or jam, put them on the top of a cheesecake, or if you know how you can even make them into wine.

Sadly though, when people think about picking fruits in Western New York, they will often think of things like apples and strawberries but did you know there are some great farms for cherries here too?

According to, they normally flower after the last frosts in April and May and then are just about ready to be picked in June. Last year we had a hard frost late in May and many farms lost most (if not all) of their crops. It's always a good idea to call the farm where you intend to pick or check their website before going there just to make sure that they're ready to be picked.

If you're looking for some great places to pick cherries here in Western New York, check out some of these great farms:

1. Walkers Wine Juice, LLC -

2860 NY-39
Forestville, NY 14062

According to their website, the U-Pick Cherries will be ready on June 17th this year. They'll have both sweet and sour cherries available to pick and will be open 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. 7 days a week.

They ask that you please bring your own picking and transporting containers.

2. 21 Brix

6654 West Main Rd
Portland, NY 14769

While many people know them for their winery, a lot don't know that they actually own thousands of dwarf cherry trees where you can pick your own cherries. The orchard opens at the end of June.  The exact date will depend on when the cherries are ripe. Contact them at 716-792-9440 for orchard information.

3. Bitner Singer Orchards

6620 Lake Road
Appleton, NY 14008

Multiple people suggested this farm as a perfect place to get cherries.  One listener suggested that have the most variety and label the rows to make it easy to know which variety you are picking.  It also appears as though you can just get juice right on their shelves if that's all you're looking for.

Open 8 AM until 8 PM
EVERY DAY when in season
Weekdays, Weekends, Fourth of July

4. Olde Chautauqua Farms

6645 West Main Road

Portland, NY 14769

At this point they do not have an anticipated date to open for cherry picking.  They suggest that you check their Facebook page around the 3rd or 4th week in June for an opening date.

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