If you're looking for mediocre pizza, the restaurant that is allegedly home to the worst pizza has 20 locations in New York State that you can enjoy. Let me tell you, I LOVE pizza. There are so many topping combinations, then the crust...then the dipping sauces...throw in a Peperoncino and I'm in Heaven! But, there's nothing worse than a gross slice of pizza. It's such a letdown. Like why? Like how? Who is responsible for turning one of the best food items into trash?


According to Delishably, the #1 worst pizza chain in the United States has 20 locations in New York. Twenty locations is saying a lot. New York is known for its one-of-a-kind amazing pizza from NYC to Buffalo. One thing New Yorkers can collectively agree on is that we KNOW good pizza.

Now, don't tweet me angry messages, but I do disagree with #5 on the list. Pizza Hut landed in fifth place for the worst chain pizza in America. I beg to differ. I love Pizza Hut. Yes, it's basic, but having lived and visited many different places, one thing I can pretty much count on pizza-wise is that I can order Pizza Hut and be satisfied. Is it the best? No, especially not in New York, but it's reliable.

According to the author of the Delishably article, Charles Kikas, he wants everyone to know which pizza chains are the worst,

I've put together a list of the top five worst chain pizza restaurants in America to expose these joints for producing and selling cardboard-flavored bread topped with just about anything and cleverly disguising it as pizza. Shame. I wish I had more space for more—maybe even a top 10.

Pizza Chain Chuck E. Cheese Files For Bankruptcy Protection
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The Worst Chain Pizza Restaurant In America Is Chuck E. Cheese

My childhood must have been tragic because I don't remember ever going to Chuck E. Cheese. Based on the author's analysis, I didn't miss out on much. Honestly, when I think about Chuck E. Cheese, which isn't often, I think about kids' birthday parties. Somewhere in my brain, I know they serve pizza, but I don't consider them a pizza restaurant. Who is ordering a pizza from Chuck E. Cheese if there isn't a snoty-nosed 5-year-old celebrating their birthday there? According to the author Charles, who ironically, I'm sure is often called Chuck,

The #1 position in the worst pizza chain restaurant proudly belongs to Chuck E. Cheese. This pizza joint cleverly disguised as an arcade has been providing families with tomato sauce and cheese-covered cardboard since 1977. Consumer Affairs reports over 170 negative reviews ranging from poor service to cold pizza. Do you know how you can get worse pizza than Chuck E. Cheese pizza? Try eating cold Chuck E. Cheese pizza. This place is trash. Save your hard-earned dough and head to your nearest pizza joint for some crisp, hot, freshly made pizza, "made from real dough.


Chuck E. Cheese Sold To Private Equity Firm Apollo For 1.3 Billion
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If Chuck has not convinced you that Chuck E. Cheese isn't fit for human consumption, there are 20 locations you can enjoy here in New York, according to the chain's website:

Bronx (2)
Brooklyn (1)
Buffalo (1)
Flushing (1)
Hempstead (1)
Hicksville (1)
Howard Beach (1)
Latham (1)
Long Island City (1)
Nanuet (1)
Patchogue (1)
Poughkeepsie (1)
Rochester (1)
Staten Island (1)
Syracuse (1)
Valley Stream (1)
Vestal (1)
West Islip (1)
Yonkers (1)

Bone Apple Tea, my friend!

The Top 5 Worst Chain Pizza Joints in America

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If you're looking for some GOOD pizza, maybe try one of these towns...

New York State Home To 4 Of The Best Pizza Hometowns In America

Who Got The Title Of Best Pizza For New York?

According to a recent Lovefood article, they went on the hunt for the best pizza places in America.

According to this article, the experts decided that the best pizza in all of New York State was Rubirosa, located in New York City:

This New York institution was opened by Aj Pappalardo, the son of the founder of iconic Joe & Pat's in Staten Island. It's home to the trademarked Tie Dye pizza, with pesto swirled on top of the tomato, mozzarella and vodka base. There are nine pizzas on the main menu, or you can build your own. Customers love the traditional vintage interior of the small restaurant, plus there is seating available outside on the patio."

Here's some photos from the restaurant:

Gallery Credit: Dave Wheeler

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