69 dollars for a non-stop flight to Nashville!

The Buffalo Niagara International Airport announced the great news on their Facebook page this week. It has been news that we knew was coming when Southwest announced that they will soon fly from Buffalo to Nashville. If you have ever flown to Nashville from Buffalo, you may already know that there are not really a ton of flights that are EASY options to get there. It always seemed to be harder than it should be, especially for a flight that is just under 2 hours.

  • Southwest will offer flights to and from Nashville
  • Some flights will be non-stop
  • There will be at least one non-stop flight daily
  • Flights will be as cheap as $69

Check out the post below that the Buffalo Niagara Airport put up.

Southwest probably saw the value in having direct flights from Buffalo to Nashville and back. There has been such a rise in popularity in Nashville that it is certainly not the same like it used to be. Broadway looks different, there's so many 'commercialized' bars and restaurants, beer prices have sky-rocketed, not to mention it might be the new capitol for bachelorette parties in America.

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