It's mid-January, so perhaps we shouldn't be surprised here but the last three weeks have been so nice with the weather. That changes for Sunday and Monday in Western New York.

According to WIVB, snow will continue to develop into Sunday evening and through the overnight in Western New York.

Snow will be the most persistent in much of Western New York Sunday evening into early Monday morning as areas north of Buffalo should see 1-2 inches. The south towns could see anywhere from 3-5 inches, and the southern tier could see a foot of snow by the time Monday afternoon rolls around. Much of Western New York will have to shovel snow by Monday, that looks likely.

As for this week, we will see snow showers for much of it and maybe some accumulation, so be prepared for some winter driving skills to be used. Nothing new for us.

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This is the time of the year I can't wait for March and April. The good news is the Bills have made January much more tolerable than usual.

Read the full forecast here.

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