Tom and Cindy have caused a little bit of a debate in Lancaster this month. Imagine an older couple doing this and see what you side on.

If you live in Lancaster, you might know this spot really good. Do you know where the old clock tower was in the "Page's Bar" plaza? This is the plaza that is right at the corner of Transit Road and Forestream. Our friend, Randy did a job for the plaza owners and took down that old clock tower that was next to the old Pages Bar and put in some brand new concrete where the structure once was.

He spent all this time working on the concrete and shortly after the project was done, an older couple walked past and put their names in a heart so that they would dry in the concrete.

When it was put up on Facebook, people were taking sides saying either:

  1. That that was rude and they should not have done that. Also, that it was immature and they ruined someone else's work.
  2. The other side was clapping saying how cute it is that two older folks were putting their names in the concrete like young lovers, or somethin'. 

The incident was caught on camera and at one point there was a picture of their faces of the two people who were putting their names in the heart. We were going to blur them out to protect them some, but since then the picture has been pulled down.

What do you think?

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