If you are a beer drinker, here is a list of a few drinking games to play with your friends!


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    Beer Pong

    The most common beer drinking game! You set up a table with six cups on each end. You need one ping pong ball and two teams of two. Each team will fill up their six cups with beer and aim for the opposite team's cups. Every time you sink a ball into a cup, the other team has to drink that cup! The first to make every cup wins!

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    Flip Cup

    Flip cup is relay race game where you have two teams of three or more.  Each player places a cup in front of himself and fills half of it up with beer. The first two people will start, chug the beer as fast as they can, then flip the cup off the edge of the table so it lands perfectly standing up.  After you complete your flip, the next person goes.  The first team to drink all their beer and flip their cups win.

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    Power Hour

    There aren't really any rules, besides drinking a shot of beer every minute of an hour. Sounds easier than it actually is!

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    Beer Ball

    For this game you need four beer cans. You place one at every corner of a table. You have teams of two, and two ping pong balls. One team starts off with both balls, and aims for the other side's beer cans. If you miss, nothing happens, if you hit the beer can, the person whose can it is has to drink it until the other person chases after the ball. As soon as the ball comes back to the table, the person stops drinking. Whichever team finishes their beers first, wins!

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    Kings Cup

    Everyone has the general idea of what the rules are for this game, but this is what I've always played by!

    You need a deck of cards and at least four people.  You spread the cards around the table and go around as each person picks up a card, they have to follow the rule for that card.

    • 2: For You - Person that picks the card picks someone to drink
    • 3: For Me - Person that picks this card drinks
    • 4: Floor - Last person to put their hand on the floor drinks.
    • 5: Guys - All guys must drink.
    • 6: Chicks - All girls must drink.
    • 7: Heaven - Last person to raise their hand drinks.
    • 8: Never Have I Ever - Person that flips this must say "Never have I ever ..." and say something people could have done. Anyone that has done that action must drink.
    • 9: Bust-A-Rhyme - Person that flips says a sentence, the next person has to say a sentence with the last word rhyming with the previous sentence and this continues in player order until someone messes up or takes longer then five seconds and that person must drink.
    • 10: Sentence - Person that flips says one word then the next person says that word and adds another, the following person must repeat the previous said words (in order of how they were said) and add their own word. This continues until someone can't remember the words correctly and messes up the sentence and said person must drink. The sentence doesn't have to make any sense!
    • Jack: Categories - Person that flips picks a category and names something from it then you go in player order naming something in that category until someone repeats something or cannot think of something and then that person drinks.
    • Queen: Questions - Person that flips asks a random player a question. That player must then ask another player a question or answer the previous question with a question. The first person to not use a question must drink.
    • King: King's Cup - Player that flips pours whats left of their beer into the center cup. The player that flips the last King must drink the King Cup.
    • Ace: Waterfall -  The person who flips the card starts to drink and the person next to starts then the person next to them starts, and etc...no one stops until the person in front of them does!

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