The internet doesn't hold much information about the Rosinski Furniture Co. But a trip through Google's search results does reveal a bit about the stores' owners!

Rosinki Furniture Co. operated out of two locations: 760 Fillmore Ave. in the Broadway shopping district (left), and 697 Ridge Rd. out in Lackawanna (right).

The buildings -- and the areas they're in -- are very different today, but you can still spy some leftover touches (the shape of the entryways, the three top windows at the Lackawanna location).

Google Maps

Based on messages in online forums, Rosinski Furniture Co. was owned by Henry and Adolf Rosinski (brothers? Cousins? Not sure). A Polish cabinet-maker, Adolf moved to Buffalo in 1889, opened his own hardware store in 1911, and then -- at some later date -- founded Rosinski Furniture Co. A 2004 post on notes that Adolf's grandsons were still running the Fillmore Avenue location.

Henry Rosinski is more mysterious, at least online; however, his wife's resume is quite impressive. Marcella Rosinski, who passed away last October at the age of 92, was a lawyer -- one of only three women in her graduating class at Cornell Law School in the early 1940s, and one of the first female lawyers at Phillips Lytle. Her Buffalo News obituary notes that Henry died in 1982.