What are the two hardest words to say? For me, and perhaps for you it’s “I’m Sorry”. I have always believed that sometimes you need to go back before you can move forward. As we say hello to a new year maybe we all need to reflect on 2011 before we work on those resolutions for 2012. For me, it’s who did I hurt or upset with my words or actions…or inaction?


I got to thinking about a "Country Classic" from Brenda Lee. A song you might hear Clay Moden play some Saturday morning on "Wide Open Country". The song, "I'm Sorry".  It inspired me to think about the people I need to call, text, email, write a letter to or better yet, go and visit and say to them face-to-face…”I am sorry”. Of course no one is perfect and I also know before I apologize to others I need to forgive myself. Maybe just “sharing” this post with someone could be the beginning of a renewed and even better relationship. I’m just sayin’!

So go ahead, try it…practice saying “I’m sorry”. Say it from the heart and not your head. The words will flow easier…and besides, that’s where it should come from.

Happy New Year Everyone! God bless you and of course, you know my motto…”Never Say Never.