The National Weather Service in Buffalo has issued a high wind advisory for the Buffalo and Western New York area for Thursday. While there are not damaging winds expected, the gusts will be enough to make the commute a challenege.

The weather is going to stay in the roller coaster pattern for the next couple of days. Most people are keeping an eye on what the forecast will be for Monday. The Buffalo Bills will play their division rival, New England Patriots, in a Monday Night Game in Orchard Park. Early predictions are calling for a strong wind and the possibility for some lake enhanced snow during the game.

The snow has been piling up south of Buffalo. Portions of the area have gotten over a foot of snow!

Be ready for debris and leaves to be flying around when you are driving around Buffalo today. Be especially ready for those gusts when you drive over some of the elevated roads like the Sky Way or the Grand Island bridges.

For whatever reason, it seems that there is always a wind event on Thursday in Buffalo. Which is probably the garbage day in your neighborhood. Watch for the cans and recycling items to be tossed around as well.

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