As October comes to a close, I am reminded that this month is Domestic Violence Awareness month. Did you know that one incident of domestic violence is reported every minute in America? And those are just the incidents that we know about!

The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence has some very helpful information and startling statistics on their website I would suggest that you take a look at.  I am reminded too via Facebook of a "Domestic Violence Cause" (click on link to learn more) that was shared with me encouraging folks to take just minute at 7:00pm this Sunday (10.30.11) to light a candle and have a moment of silence to remember all victims of this horrific abuse.

The problem is bigger than many folks realize. Much has been done, but we have so much further to go. I encourage women and yes, men...that if you are a victim of domestic violence to seek help NOW.  Of course if you are in immediate danger, call 9-1-1!

No one deserves to be hit, pushed, punched, verbally attacked, threatened and sadly the list goes on! Perhaps it's you, or someone you know who could use this information. I won't ask you to pass this along, I INSIST! You could save a life!