If you were lucky enough to miss the flu on the first go-round this season, get ready to fight it off again! There is a second round looming!

The temperatures may be climbing back in to the normal range this week, but that isn't going to stop the flu from spreading. According to a report filed by Metro Source News:

 According to health officials the number of people infected with the B-strain of the virus, compared to the A-strain, is rising. This strain affects children worse. The CDC says it's possible for people who had the flu earlier this flu season to catch a different strain later in the season.

This may be a great time to teach your kids the benefits of washing hands and covering their mouths when they sneeze. Thinking about a flu shot? it may be a little late and there are those who claim even that hasn't been all that effective as a defense.

Source: Metro News and Today.com


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