Dale Mussen in celebrating his 40th year on the radio in Buffalo. The official date is June 1st this year. However, since the beginning of the year we have been reliving some of the biggest moments from Dale's great career and taking some "shout outs" to honor Dale. Even some that are special and unique!

I was able to grab a quick video message from Amy Saskowski over the weekend at the 21st annual Hospice Buffalo Memorial Walk.

Amy is an interpreter for the hearing impaired and was present to sign the National Anthem before the walk began. She was kind enough to wish Dale a happy 40th via sign language!

The interesting fact along with this video is that fact that Dale is pretty fluent in sign language as well. Dale was born to parents who were hearing impaired. Dale's mom has passed on. However, his father and he still communicate through sign language and many mornings Dale is giving us a few lessons about sign language.

Congratulations to Dale on a great 40 years and here is to many more great moments and memories on WYRK!

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