There was a time when Western New York was one of the world's largest steel-making centers. The Bethlehem Steel plant in Lackawanna employed nearly 30,000 at one point; but during the 1970's and 80's steel plants in cities like Buffalo, Pittsburgh and Cleveland began to shut down and the work was shipped overseas.

The area's steel-making history and the artifacts from that era aren't forgotten.  They've been preserved in a museum that not too many people know about.  It's known as the Buffalo Steel Plant Museum.  It's located a short drive from downtown Buffalo in the Heritage Discovery Center at 100 Lee Street off of South Park Avenue.  The best thing about the museum is that admission is free.

I've always said if it's free it's for me, so Clay, Liz and I decided to pay a visit to the museum and we were surprised at what we found there.  Check out what we found at the Buffalo Steel Plant Museum.

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