Sure, there are plenty of bars in Buffalo to celebrate this St. Patrick's Day, but we wanted to show you what Buffalo has to offer for Irish bars. What makes a bar an Irish bar/pub/tavern? It's not all about having Guiness on tap, everyone has it.

 As you look through these pictures you will notice that all of them wither have something to do with a first/last name, most likely of the owner, ex: Griffin's, Daly's, Gene McCarthy's etc... or the location of the bar itself, ex: The Avenue Pub (on S. Park Ave) or a combination of both (Mr. A's Village Corner Pub).

An Irish pub is so much more than just a 'corner bar', it is often the hub of a community, where neighbors, friends and families get together.  An Irish bar should have great beer and whiskey (nothing too pricey though) and great food, again, nothing fancy. In many, you will not even find a kitchen, just a crock pot or a grill behind the bar where the bartender can whip something up for you.

Irish bars will blend into the neighborhood, no loud music or flashy lights, just dim lighting and dark harwood paneling make you feel right at home. Many bars are a group of tight-knit regulars that all know eachother by name, if you have never been to one of these bars before and are feeling like an outsider, don't worry, you will be welocmed with open arms, everyone may turn and look at you when you walk in, but they're just looking to see if it's a friend stopping in for a pint.  Do yourself a favor and head down to South Buffalo for some of the classics in the old steel and rail neighborhoods, and stop in during the day a get a real history lesson from one of the old-timers.

Remember, in an Irish pub, there are no strangers, only friends that haven't met yet.