It's already a world record and you can see it being shaped and formed during the duration of the Erie County Fair for its final permanent year-round display at the fairgrounds.  Members of the Woodworkers Clubhouse of West Seneca spent the weeks leading up to opening day of the fair building the World's Largest Wooden Turned Bowl. 

World's Largest Bowl (Dale Mussen photo)
World's Largest Bowl (Dale Mussen photo)

The previous record was a bowl 13-feet wide.  This new world record bowl is 15-feet wide and when it's finished it will have a depth of 4-feet and weighs in at 5000 pounds.

The wood structure has been placed sideways and a specially built lathe will shape the outside and inside walls to make it look more like a bowl.  Members of the Woodworkers Clubhouse aren't exactly sure how long that process will take, but they hope the project is completely done before the end of the fair.

The guys who have been working on the project say "Buffalo may not have a Super Bowl, but we do have the BIGGEST bowl."

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