It’s almost as long as two football fields and it’s larger than some U-S Navy destroyers. It took a year to design and three years to build. It’s named the Azzam and it’s the world’s largest yacht. It was launched out of its shipyard in Bremen, Germany, but its owner remains a mystery. It’s believed to be owned a Middle Eastern billionaire.

The cost? Try on $605 million. The annual cost to keep it running is expected to be the usual standard – 10 percent of its cost or $60 million a year – every year.

Everything was top secret. We not only don’t know who owns it, but its features are being guarded too. But experts are guessing what it might have.

For the last three years Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich had owned the title of world’s largest yacht with his “Eclipse”. Here are a few of the features of his boat:

  • Its own missile defense system
  • Two landing pads for helicopters
  • Two swimming pools
  • A movie theatre
  • A night club
  • A mini-submarine that can dive to 150-feet
  • His bedroom had bullet-proof glass and armor plating

We can guess the new “Azzam” will have all of that and more. But one thing we do know - with a top speed of 30 knots or 34 mph it’s believed to be the fastest yacht in the world.