My mission this summer is to rediscover Buffalo.

I realize that every summer I always have great intentions of going to all these fun events in Buffalo, and then never get to them.  Most of the time I didn't even realize they were happening until after they were over!

So this year instead of all us missing out on the fun, I’m going find new and exciting events for us to check out!

This week is one of my favorites: The Buffalo and Erie County Naval and Military Park.

When I was young, my girl scout group had the chance to spend the night on one of the ships, and I have been hooked since then. If you’ve never had the chance to check out these amazing ships, or if it’s been a while, definitely make time to visit.

The park is located in downtown Buffalo, within walking distance from First Niagara Center, at the foot of Pearl Street and Main Street. There are three military ships located in the park – the USS Little Rock, the USS The Sullivans and the USS Croaker (which happens to be a submarine!). Spend the day venturing in and out of these amazing ships, learning all about their voyages and the crewmen that were aboard these military ships.

My one personal suggestion when you go is try not going on the hottest day of the summer. Last year, Alex and I went on a day I swear was 95 degrees. Since the ships are so old, some parts of the boats are not air conditioned.  It really does make you appreciate what these men had to go through while serving on these ships, especially on the submarine!

The park is open daily, April to October, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.


If you are like me and could spend the summer on the water, then this is definitely an activity you'll need to check out this summer!

It’s called the Spirit of Buffalo, located at the historic Erie Canal Harbor Central Wharf. This boat looks incredible! Opening May through October 1, you'll have the chance to sail back in time aboard the Spirit of Buffalo. Spend the day sailing on a classic 73-foot topsail schooner.

I seriously thought this boat was a pirate ship the first time I saw it! This boat has these beautiful red sails that you'll see from anywhere. The best part about this boat? You'll get to help out. I know, who wants to do work while you're relaxing on this amazing boat, but seriously, how many of us get the chance to be a pirate? Join the crew and hoist the sails to set sail on Buffalo’s waterfront. If you have kids you definitely want to check this out too, because reading up on this ship, they have pirate cruises!  Yes, adults they have one for you, too! The cruise includes professional pirates that will entertain you with stories, face painting, a treasure hunt, music, and loads of swashbuckling family fun!

I think the Spirit of Buffalo is a must this summer!

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