Our candy’s been bought and our costumes are ready - Halloween is finally here!

No matter where you live, trick-or-treaters are sure to come across some epic Halloween decorations on their quest for candy tonight. But you’ve got to admit - we’ve got some of the most mind-blowing Halloween displays right here in Western New York. 

Even if you’re not heading out with the kiddos this evening, it’s still a great night to bundle up and catch a glimpse of some of these frighteningly great Halloween-themed homes (especially if you want to stay out of the rainy/snowy mess but still get in the spooky spirit of the holiday).

One Western New York home has a Halloween display so amazing, it garnered national attention and a massive cash prize!

Check Out This Massive Halloween Display In Western New York

Most of the year, this unassuming house in Churchville, New York (just outside of Rochester) is just another typical suburban home. But for the month of October, this family home and its front yard transforms into an incredible pirate-themed masterpiece.

Tony DeMatteo and his family have been putting up Halloween On Ambush for the past five years, and each Halloween, the massive spectacle gets even bigger and more spectacular. Thousands of Western New Yorkers have flocked to the famous pirate ship, helping to raise thousands of dollars for Dream Factory of Rochester along the way. 

The DeMatteo family and their extravagant decorations have been featured on the Today Show, Good Morning America, and Ripley’s Believe It Or Not. This year, it once again got some national attention - this time, with a huge check attached!

Halloween On Ambush Wins Big In National Contest

The DeMatteos and their Churchville home were this year’s big winners in ABC’s Great Halloween Fright Fight

As the first place finishers, they not only get bragging rights of being the 2023 champions, but a $50,000 grand prize. 

If 50K isn’t enough motivation to bump your own Western New York home’s Halloween decorations next year, we don’t know what is. Congrats, DeMatteos! 

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