This weekend is the first official weekend of fall, and Buffalo residents are taking advantage of it. Even though it feels like summer went by way too fast, we’re still excited that fall has arrived here in Western New York - it means that one of our favorite holidays is right around the corner.

You may have seen your neighbors already starting to deck out their porches and lawns with their spooky-themed Halloween decorations. Cobwebs, scary monsters, and flashing lights are all go-tos when decorating your house for those upcoming trick-or-treaters.

But before you start setting up your Halloween display, you need to check out this epic yard décor that every Buffalo resident needs this year.

Why Pink Flamingos Are Popular In Buffalo, New York

If you had to designate an official bird of Buffalo, it could be the pink flamingo.

Not the real-life feathery, statuesque flamingos you’ll find in the wild or at the zoo, though. We’re talking about the small and tacky (but loveable) plastic pink flamingo lawn ornaments.


Once a front yard staple of Cheektowaga, the love of this chintzy but iconic lawn decor spread throughout Western New York. Some even consider Buffalo the “pink flamingo capital of America.”

We’ve turned them into paddle boats to peddle on Hoyt Lake, paint them on our murals, and even line up thousands of them in Delaware Park to break a Guinness World Record

Now, Buffalo residents can give their beloved plastic pink flamingos a fun Halloween upgrade.

Check Out These Halloween-Themed Plastic Flamingos

It makes perfect sense that our treasured plastic pink friends get a Halloween makeover this year. These spooky skeleton flamingos are the perfect addition to any Halloween yard display in Buffalo.

You’ve got plenty of time to grab a pair from Amazon in time to put them up for Halloween 2023. 

And while you’re at it, why not start planning for your winter holiday decorations? This light-up Santa pink flamingo would make a perfect addition to your Western New York snow banks this winter. 

Ace Hardware/Canva
Ace Hardware/Canva

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