If you've ever driven out in the southern tier along Route 75, you may have seen an old abandoned hearse parked just off the road in the woods.  Why is it there?

This time of year, everyone is looking for spooky stories to tell.  For years, people have wondered why there was an old abandoned hearse just sitting in the grass under the trees off Route 75 in the southern tier.  Finally, the mystery has been revealed.

What is a hearse?

For those who don't know, a hearse is one of the most popular vehicles used to transport a coffin with a deceased person in it through a funeral.  They are the first car in the procession.  Really, they're just vehicles, but because of their nature, many people get freaked out a little by them.

In the old days, most coffins were moved using a horse and carriage.  But as time moved on, they developed this vehicle with a large back end to transport the dead.

The mystery was highlighted on a Facebook page

There is a Facebook page called "Abandoned Buffalo, NY" that explores abandoned buildings, houses, businesses, and things like that all over Western New York.  They do not mention the exact location of these places and ask that others don't either to avoid things being vandalized or stolen from them.  Out of respect for the people who own the car and property, we will stick to that also.  The only information that we will provide is what has already been provided in the post below.

However, if you've driven by it, you've probably wondered how it got there.

So how did the hearse get there?

According to a comment on the post that claims to be from a family member, the hearse belonged to her dad.  Before he passed he bought the hearse to carry his tools in but it did a little double duty around Halloween.  He made a fake coffin that he would put in the back of the car and he would hand out candy from the back to daring trick-or-treaters.  He parked it there simply to freak people out a little.

It worked.

People have been talking about this car for years and finally, the story comes out about it.

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