The Academy of County Music Awards is looking for a new network. For years, we have watched as the superstars of Country Music have performed and collected awards in a three hour show, live from Las Vegas on CBS or Channel 4 here in Buffalo. That is going to change for 2022.

There are rumors that NBC will be the new home for the Academy of Country Music Awards show.

Since the COVID pandemic forced the cancellation, postponement or reconfiguration of so many things, award shows were also forced to change. The ACM's bounced around a bit, trying to spice things up by bringing the show to Nashville. But viewership has changed and so have the shows. Perhaps fans want something that is not as long in duration, has a better mix of new and established stars and, as is the case for many award shows, less politics within the speeches.

If you have never been to one of the award shows in person, I suggest you try to snag a ticket. The experience is way different. Most people get dressed up, just about every star is there in attendance and it is cool to see how things are handled behind the scenes and during the commercial breaks.

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