This recent extreme weather we’ve been experiencing across New York State has definitely put a damper on many of our summer plans. 

Normally, it’s wet and rainy weather that forces New Yorkers to cancel their outdoor summer fun activities and buckle down indoors. But lately, it’s been a different weather phenomenon that’s giving us a bummer of a summer.

If you had ideas about getting outside this  past week to enjoy the official first week of summer, they were quickly squashed thanks to the effects of the Canadian wildfires.

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For the second time this month, smoke has filled the air across the state, causing extremely high air quality index numbers. The health risks were so high across New York State that Governor Hochul issued an air quality health advisory that would remain in effect through Friday.

So how are New York State residents coping with the poor air this summer? Not well…

Residents Canceling Summer Plans Across New York State

A new survey from the Society of Actuaries Research Institute reports that 54% of people in the Northeast, including New York State, are changing their summer plans to avoid wildfires and the poor air quality - more than any other region in the country. 

Instead of heading outside to go camping, hiking, attend concerts and festivals, and other fun summer outdoor activities, they’re choosing to stay inside to avoid the potential health risks.

New York State Air Quality Should Improve By July 4th, But…

Thankfully, the smoke should clear enough to not to throw a wrench in our Independence Day plans. Forecasts say that air quality across the northeast should improve going into the weekend.

 Unfortunately, we’re still going to see bouts of smoky skies throughout the summer thanks to the drought-like conditions in Western Canada. So if you’re determined to get outside and enjoy the summertime weather here in New York, be prepared to make some indoor backup plans as well. 

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