Planning to take a trip anywhere this summer? Unless you’ve got a huge bank account you might want to consider driving. Airline fees continue to climb. You might be able to find a nice fare, but boy are you going to be socked with fees.

Just a few weeks ago United changed the fee for changing a discount fare from $150 to $200. American, Delta and U.S. Airways matched it.

Now some airlines are upping the baggage fees. For some discount passengers Frontier Airlines is charging $100 a bag whether you check it or carry it on the plane. $100 a bag each way. Taking the family? Mom, dad and two kids – that’s $800 round trip in addition to the fare assuming each person is taking just one bag.

Frontier explains that “it improves the travel experience for loyal customers.”

Spirit Airline flies out of Niagara Falls, and they've been charging $100 a bag since November.

Thirsty? On Frontier you’ll pay. Soft drinks, juice, water, coffee or tea will cost you $1.99.

And there’s nothing that can be done about it.

There are no laws or even legislation being considered that can stop it.

Southwest continues to advertise no baggage fees, but they've been getting in the act too by charging to get in line first for a crack at the best seats. And for what they call “passengers of size” who “encroach on any part of a neighboring seat” are required to buy an extra seat. It’s called the “fat tax.”

Some airlines have even considered goofy fees like one for using the restroom.

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