How would you feel if in order to get on a plane, you’d have to step on a scale first?  Some airlines are actually considering doing it.

From the folder of “How are they still in business?” or “How have we not yet found a better way?”  They say that some airlines are considering weighing passengers to estimate how much fuel they will need for a flight.

Now, in full disclosure, I'll admit that I'm not a fan of flying in the first place.  It's a huge fear of mine. So the thought of having to weigh in before I can get on a plane is just another reason to not be excited about it.

I guess I'm naive to how much money we are talking about here.  Is that really going to save you that much?  It seems like it's not asking too much to just top that sucker off every time you land.  I mean…it’s not like when you land, if that fuel didn’t get used you just dump it and start again right?

The problem with that is that a heavier plane costs more money to fly too.  So even the weight of the fuel matters.

So what about if they weighed the entire plane like they do for tractor trailers on the highway.  They drive over a scale and then get fueled up depending on what the whole thing weighs.

I would be against this but maybe it's not a big deal.  Maybe most people don't care about being weighed. Are they going to charge more for the people that weigh more?


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