Brawl Breaks Out in Ft. Lauderdale Airport [VIDEO]
It's getting worse and worse during airlines incidents. In the video you can even see a police officer get pushed over.
A brawl broke out in Fort Lauderdale airport after thousands of customers faced delays and cancellations. Cellphone footage shows police tackling passengers and chaos erupting …
Can't Bring On
TSA has no problem telling people no.
After all, they have to in order to keep us safe, but they also have no problem putting your denied items on their Instagram so the entire world can see what you just tried to bring on an airplane. Some of these might be accidents or not knowing, but some of thes…
Terrifying Dive
One thing that is not on my bucket list is sky-diving, not because I think something like this is going to happen. I just think if you're jumping out of a plane it should be because its either that or crashing. Some people love it though and want to do it at least once...
Elaborate Stunt
Imagine you're flying on Christmas.  But before you get on your flight, you have a quick talk with the big man Santa himself.  That's what happened recently when some people flew WestJet. What happens next is pure Christmas magic.
Kicked Off Plane
This is the second time someone has gotten kicked off of a flight in recent months.According to Yahoo.
Lisa Carter-Knight saying she was denied entry to JetBlue Flight 760 from Philadelphia to her home in New Hampshire because she’d tweeted about a strange incident at the airport
Kid-Free Zone
I love kids and I love babies, but when you’re on a four hour flight and surrounded by six babies that screamed the entire way, it’s more than anybody should have to deal with. It happened to me on a flight out to California for Thanksgiving and I felt bad for the parents of those babies. What are t…
TSA removing body scanners
I hate to fly.  I've said it before and I'll say it again.  The reasons that I hate it are 50% because I don't trust my life in the hands of technology that puts me thousands of feet in the air and the other 50% that I don't trust is other people.  I was for the bo…

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