When there is a crisis, always look for the helpers. That is something that we have all heard at one time or another. But it may never have hit home more than it has this week in Buffalo, New York. The blizzard that paralyzed the city and the region has also shown us the best in some people.

Governor Hochul has been giving updates on what New York State is doing to help and, as of early this week, has called on President Joe Biden to issue a disaster declaration for the Western New York area including Erie County.

But as we dig out of the mountains of snow, there is more help on the way. The roads have been a nightmare to clean up since the wind died down. There are dozens of cars still stranded in the middle of roads and side streets. More crews will be arriving this week to help.

Crews from the Department of Public Works left for Western New York from Voorheesville during the overnight hours and are scheduled to arrive today. County Executive Dan McCoy says he was glad to see so many volunteers step up and say they wanted to help out. There will still be enough crews available in Albany County if an emergency arises.

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