You have probably seen a deer a time or two in your life. They are pretty much everywhere in Western New York.

I remember growing up in Amherst and there were so many deer running around our neighborhood and around Sweet Home Road -- to the point there was added emphasis for drivers to be on the lookout.

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Most deer spotted in Western New York are brown and very ordinary looking, but once in a great while you spot a very unique deer.

WKBW shared a video from a viewer that shows an albino deer that is running across South Park Avenue in Buffalo.

Albino deer are not totally unseen by the public but they are far rarer than the standard brown deer.

There are also rare white or even black squirrels that have been spotted in recent years in Western New York.

I have never seen an albino deer in all my time living in Buffalo but I'm sure it's quite the sight, especially since we rarely see those.

According to the few comments on Twitter, this deer has been spotted in other areas as well, such as Holy Cross Cemetery and near the Lackawanna Toll Booth.

Could we possibly have another situation like the Amherst bear? The same unique animal spotted at various locations in the Western New York region? Have you seen this deer before in Buffalo, South Buffalo or Lackawanna?

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