Western New York is a gorgeous area. Most outsiders think of Buffalo (and might also mistake it for Upstate New York) and that's it. In reality, there is a lot of awesome areas of Western New York, that extend far beyond the city limits of Buffalo.

The real estate opportunities in the countryside and outside suburbs of Buffalo seem limitless. Areas like Elma, East Aurora, Warsaw, Collins, etc.

Alden is another great area to be a homeowner.

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It's only 30 minutes outside of Buffalo, east of the city, and has some gorgeous country side with plenty of space. There's a home that just hit the market in Elma and when you look inside, you wonder why it doesn't cost more than it does?

Listed on Zillow for $925,000, this four-bedroom and four-bathroom home in Aldean is spectacular. 900k is a lot of money for any home, that's for sure, but when you see the number of one-million-dollar homes in the area, then certainly the beauty and amenities of this home at least equals those other ones. Whoever gets this home would have a dream come true.

Built in 2002, this home has a stunning kitchen, with its own heated granite island. It also hosts its own piano and piano room.

The second floor even has its own game room with a gas stove. The bedrooms and huge. Then there's the giant movie theater, with state of the art sound and a color-changing ceiling!

The property even has its own pond and a 13-car garage. Check out of some photos below.

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