One family, known by many in the Alden community, moved into their newly-built house almost two weeks ago, ready to make it feel like a home. 

And it was…for a few days.

Until the new house caught on fire. 

The Domino family was enjoying their new house when they decided to test out the fireplace just days after moving in. According to a friend of the Dominos, they wanted to test out the fireplace in their new home when the top of the house caught fire, and the Domino family was reportedly unaware that the new home was aflame until after the neighbors had notified them.

There have been speculations that the ventilation to the fireplace perhaps wasn't designed correctly, but that has yet to be confirmed.

The Crittenden Fire Department had the initial response to the call, with help from Millgrove Fire Department and other neighboring departments that responded as mutual aid for the structure fire in Alden that affected the Domino family more than you could imagine. Not only did they just lose their house, but since they had just moved in a lot of their personal items and valuables, the Domino family lost some sentimentals that can never be replaced. 

Mr. Domino is known by perhaps every parent in Alden. He is a teacher at Alden High School, loved by all students and faculty and has been called “the kindest man we know” by members of the Alden community. 

Since the Domino family has to basically start over when it comes to looking for a new place and replacing clothes and valuables, a GoFundMe has been set up to help the family.

The original goal was set at $5,000, but with the help of those who have grown to love Mr. Domino and his family, the current fundraiser total sits at $31,531. 

The Domino family wrote a message of thanks on the GoFundMe page.

They said:

“One week ago today, our family suffered a devastating house fire. Who would've thought that amidst the chaos and difficulty of losing the home we had worked for, our true blessings would be revealed? We have been touched by the outpouring of love and support from our friends, family and community. We don’t have the words to say what we feel in our hearts, so all we can say is thank you. Your generosity will help us get through the road ahead and piece together that which we lost. We are so grateful for each and every person who has reached out a helping hand or loving word. It is a constant reminder that it is not WHAT you have in life that matters, but WHO. We are humbled by the gift of your love and support and will work hard to honor that gift. Thank you all again. We love you all.


Michael, Jessica, William, and Stella Domino”

One family who made a donation to the Dominos said, “Mr. Domino is exactly the kind of teacher we wanted for our children. Smart, kind, and fair.”

You can donate to help out this family in need by clicking here

Special thanks to "The Unofficial Photographer" Christine Krawczyk for allowing us to use her photographs. 

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