It is the final week of new episodes that feature the most loved game show host of all time. Jeopardy will never be the same without Alex Trebek.

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This week will be the final week of the shows that were taped in 2020 with Trebek as host. There is no replacing Alex Trebek. The search has been on and speculation has surrounded who the next host will be. But Alex Trebek was one of those people who had the intangible that only the greatest hosts have.

Watching Jeopardy was a part of our routine when I was growing up. My father was a high school history teacher and some of my favorite memories are from when we would watch Alex Trebek together. Part of the fun is trying to get the correct answer/question. Most of the time I was and continue to be way off with my answers but Trebek had a way of keeping you coming back no matter how difficult the trivia.

It will be a tough week for those of us who grew up watching Alex Trebek. But his legacy lives on and in true Trebek fashion, we can all be encouraged by his generosity and kindness.

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