We have a huge sense of pride in Buffalo. I've visited other cities and I can honestly say, the hometown pride we feel in Buffalo is unmatched by any large or medium market in the country. We care about the people, food and sports team here more than outsiders even thing we do.

If you remember back in 2018, there was quite the stir in Western New York after celebrity chef and TV host Alton Brown of The Food Network was a guest on Hot Ones and flat out trashed Buffalo's wings when the topic of regional foods came up.

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Brown famously said, "if you want good wings, you don't go to freakin' Buffalo."

You can watch it below. Don't worry, you won't have to go far in the video for it.

That video was brought back up again on Twitter about a week ago, and caused more Buffalonians to criticize Brown for not going to the right places, which I'm fairly certain he did not.

On Saturday, Brown took to his Facebook page to apologize to the City of Buffalo and make amends by coming back to Western New York to go to the proper places and give wings in Buffalo another try.

Brown has gotten a lot of suggestions, with the most popular being Bar-Bill Tavern, Nine-Eleven Tavern, Elmos, Kelly's Korner and Sal's in Depew.

I hope we steer him in the right direction. You have to go where locals only go. They can't be tourist stops.

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