There has been a lot of talk about the Buffalo Bills going back to their red helmets.  I’m starting to feel like I’m the only one who feels this way.  But…

I’d be fine if I never saw those red helmets ever again.

The NFL made a new rule that allows teams to have an alternate color helmet this year.  It really had people thinking about the possibilities.  The Falcons could go back to their red helmets.  The Patriots could go back to their white ones. The Browns…well…the browns have always had orange helmets.  But that’s a whole different blog.

I knew it was going to happen. Sure enough, people have been going nuts over the idea that The Bills could wear red helmets again.

I’ll agree…they’re nostalgic.

Some of my absolute favorite players to ever suit up for the Bills wore those red helmets. Thurman Thomas, Bruce Smith, and Darryl Talley, all wore them. Week in and week out I’d camp out on my couch with my dad as soon we got home from church and wait to see what the boys in blue were going to do this week.  Even later when I held on to season tickets because “this was going to be the year,” they were wearing those helmets.

It was never our year.

Sure, the Bills made it to the Super Bowl a couple years in a row. But they never won it.

When it comes to the Bills, I’m done with nostalgia.  I’m ready for a new era. I’m ready to have a team that I can “BILL-ieve” in again. Red can be dead as far as I’m concerned.

This team is on a roll. Don’t change things now.  The only thing I want to change is their luck.

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