Having grown up in a deaf household I'm sensitive to the challenges of the deaf community, but the deaf never cease to amaze me.  My parents never had problems communicating in a hearing world, although I often wondered how different my life would have been had they been able to hear.  I came to the conclusion that it probably wouldn't have been that much different at all.  But for them it would have been huge.

Some people are amazed that the son of deaf parents would choose a career in radio.  My parents never got to hear my voice, but in a larger sense they never had the joy of enjoying music.  I've always been fascinated with music and the talents of people who have the ability to perform music, but here's one artist who is absolutely incredible.

Her name is Mandy Harvey.  She's a contestant on America's Got Talent.  She's a singer who's deaf.  She was a singer from the time she was a little girl, but she lost her hearing when she was 19.  Today she basically sings from her memory of sounds and she's fantastic.  I'm not sure how anyone can do that, but she does.

Her performance on Tuesday night left Simon Cowell almost speechless.  Here is Mandy Harvey -


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