I love noticing little things in the night sky that catches my interest. Most of them are usually stars or high-flying planes, but it's not often you see tall lights gleaming in the night sky across Western New York, but that's what one person saw in the sky last night.

Cassandra captured these photos of the light phenomenon and tweeted them out. Check it out below!

Here's another photo of the phenomenon.

They almost look like the Northern Lights, which is rare to see in Western New York.

However, these amazing-looking lights just might be light pillars.

According to The Weather Channel, light pillars are largely a man-made light phenomenon caused by an "optical illusion constructed by reflections off numerous ice crystals." They're most common in the cold weather months.

Light pillars, when seen brightest, are usually reflecting city lights.

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Despite not being the iconic Northern Lights, it's still pretty cool to see this in Western New York and I'm hoping I see this before winter is over. The closest I've come to seeing a light phenomenon in the night sky is when we had the blue or green lightning during the October Surprise Storm in 2006.

Did you see these lights last night in Western New York?

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