It has been a pretty crazy 24 hours here in WNY.  Yesterday at this time, you could see the green grass.  Today, we have to shovel to get down to it.

A lot of people think there is always two feet of snow on the ground here in Buffalo.  They never really see the beautiful 75-80 degree weather that we get in the summertime or the amazing fall colors.  Those of us who live here know that it's not always like that here.

But then there are some days...

When we get snow, we get a lot of it.  Last night we got dropped on with what most of us in WNY would refer to as "a bit of snow."  While it would normally shut down other parts of the country, we're a little more prepared to deal with it here.  Our vehicles are normally better in the snow.  Our tires are meant for making it through the snow.  We can just handle it better than most.

That doesn't mean we don't look out the window in the morning and sigh a little when we see how much we actually got overnight.

Last night we got quite a bit.  In many parts of WNY we got over a foot of snow in just a couple hours.  It was coming down in some places at a rate of 3"-5" per hour!

Numbers are one thing.  What do those numbers actually look like?  How much snow is that on top of a car?

I asked you to share your pictures on facebook, and in just a short amount of time I had well over 100 comments of people that wanted to share...

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