Some social media accounts are just better than others. There's a certain amount of charm and creativity that is needed to create an unforgettable account that keeps people coming back for more.

The men and women of local law enforcement are hard at work keeping communities safe, but one, in particular, is who Buffalonians talk about the most on Twitter.

The West Seneca Police Department has gotten more and more attention for their Twitter and Facebook accounts as time has gone on and they have even made the national news for helping out a stranded dog a few weeks ago.

Seriously though, whoever runs their Twitter account does an amazing job. I always laugh every time I see one of their tweets pop up on my timeline.

That's not to say that they don't have serious tweets too, because sometimes the occasion or crime committed they're reporting on has to carry a serious tone, but when the opportunity comes to tweet comedic gold, they don't hold back.

I live on the border of West Seneca, so I always see them in action and driving down the road patrolling the area.

These tweets prove it. Don't drink anything while reading them!

Simply amazing content right there. My favorite one was the kitten stuck in a tree on Potters Road. Michael Scott for the win!

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