The news is not great for a variety of stores and restaurants that are set to close in portions of the United States and some locations here in New York State. As most people are worrying about interest rates and inflation, corporations are also trying to find ways to cut costs and, essentially, downsize.

There are some who believe that various locations are being forced to closed due to the rise in retail theft and are losing a crazy amount of money to crime.

It was announced this week that Macy's is going to have to close over 100 stores in an effort to redesign the way they do business. This includes a few locations in New York.

This past Holiday season was when we first got word about Macy's plans.

There are few stores with a more famous name than Macy's. The retail giant is the centerpiece for the Thanksgiving parade and even featured in a bunch of Christmas movies. What is the future of the store in New York City and what do we know about the sale? Turns out, we don't know much about the possible sale or what, if any, changes are coming.

The story has even landed on a few comedian's "X" (Twitter) accounts.

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